Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice - Over the years, the designs of kitchens have varied greatly. Keep in mind that there has always been a place of prominence in the home. The truth is that there have been times when the kitchens were relegated to the background, going unnoticed at home, and being mere rooms where food was prepared.

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

At present, we can see the kitchen as a decorative element of the whole household, and is that the designs have been integrated into this room, creating truly modern and colorful kitchens.

One of the most modern and we like are suspended kitchens. These designs where the kitchen cabinets are hung on the wall with a special fastening system, capable of doing that can withstand a fair amount of weight.

We cannot deny that this option gives much play. Create spaces totally clean, tidy and spacious, which is critical in today's kitchens.

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

Thanks to this system of fixing the furniture are suspended on the wall without ever touching the ground. This creates environments much lighter and slightly ornate, something that enhances current trends such as minimalist decor. These wall-mounted units are also ideal for luxury kitchens.

If in addition we have a large kitchen and we want to place a kitchen island, beautiful and very practical, do not worry, because the truth is that we can incorporate structures with four point support are slightly visible, and help this island center to support the entire weight of your drawers and countertop.

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

If suspended kitchens we love for its contemporary and modern design, even more so we like to let us clean the underside of the furniture, which was made with conventional hard enough.

The truth is that we do not find many drawbacks to this type of furniture, although it may not be suitable for the more traditional, we still prefer the rustic kitchens or Provencal.

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Hi its really great collection of photos and the description but i want to say in all this the important role is for fasteners. Anyways its nice.

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