Tiles to decorate the kitchen

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

Tiles to decorate the kitchen - Although the tiles and ceramics in the kitchen are a classic, more and more materials, finishes, designs and textures that exist in the market. This allows us to spectacular, innovative and adaptable to any taste and budget. Although we believe that all the tiles are the same, depending on where we are to stand clear knowledge that we need, as well as the price range will vary its performance and functionality.

Ceramic has a water absorption rate of up to 10%, the stone up to 3%, porcelain less than 0.5%, so the porcelain may be more expensive, but will last longer and in places where there is moisture or splashing will be better than other materials.

Even in kitchens who choose other materials for their terminations, the tiles can be good allies, especially in areas prone to stains and splashes as behind the kitchen stove or sink , where food, oil, liquid water could end staining other surfaces.

Kitchens suspended, an excellent choice

A combination of shapes, colors, alternating in different colors and smooth walls, can dramatically change your kitchen and give it freshness, sophistication, warmth or minimalist in the latest designs with reflections of mirror or glass.

If you want practical advice, the tiles are bigger and brighter which need greater city or because they reflect everything that falls, is a drop of water or steam that builds up from cooking and then is shaped stain. If you do not have too much time, time at a smaller tile s (type tile) or matte finishes allow you to care space.

At the end of the day we decorate a kitchen that is functional as well as beautiful. Do not forget!


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Orange tiles is nice in the kitchen.

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