Get minimalist bathroom

Get minimalist bathroom - The bathroom decor is no less important than any other room in the house, so we must carefully choose the style with which we want to decorate and can be rustic, classic, colorful ... however, the minimalist style is the one currently imposed without question.

It is not complicated to get a bathroom minimalist, you only need to follow a few simple keys, among which is the choice of neutral colors like metallic, white or gray, although it is a touch of color, such as by borders, but always have to match with the main neutral color.

All elements of the bath, including toilets and faucets have to follow this minimalist trend , and for that they use in their design linear and cubist forms. As for the mirrors, it is recommended that they are integrated into the wall, and lacking any ornamental.

One of the main keys to the minimalist style is simplicity in form and achieving large spaces, and therefore the screens virtually disappear, trying to be as invisible as possible.

Despite the design, we must never forget the functionality, one of the trends latest installation of two sinks in a bathroom, but obviously for it will have to have a large enough space.

Lastly we must add, that one of the latest trends in bathrooms are the composting toilets , and it is increasingly common to find sinks in water is reused for toilet.

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