Shelves and books in the bathroom

Shelves and books in the bathroom - All those that have a bath at home, know that there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a good bath. And while bad combination paper with water, carefully, you can also enjoy a good read as we let the foam and smelling salts do their job.
Reading corner in the bathroom
The truth is that reading in the bathroom is not new. Perhaps that is why so much attention call us and we seem so funny shelves full of books in this room of the house. A shelf that will surprise our guests just across the door of the bathroom.
Bookshelf with books in the bathroom
Books in the bathroom
Perhaps the thought of reading bathroom and we could not imagine a decorative effect of this magnitude, and is that depending on the style of our bathroom, we incorporate a bookshelf or other.

If our bathroom is modern with well placed tables suffice. In addition, these can also serve to place bath products such as salts or soaps.
Bathroom with shelf
The book shelves can be a good option, especially if the build in the area of the tub, so that we have more on hand.

Also, if your bathroom has a certain romantic, we should not forget the old dressers. These refurbished parts can give a very elegant air to our bathroom. The glass doors allow also see books and are sheltered from moisture.
Reading space in the bathroom
Once we have our elegant and useful shelves, fill them we must not forget books. We also have to think of their decorative function, so we can include some of these ancient tomes that are so divine on the shelves of the dining room.
Bookshelf with books in the bathroom
If we love the effect but we want to put in a toilet no problem. Do not forget that although it is a functional, decorative factor is important, therefore, in a small bathroom could also look good.

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