Ladders for decorating bathrooms

Ladders for decorating bathrooms - Ladders are an endless source of ideas when decorating a home. It is a very nice item that we can recycle and adapt to rustic styles . Not only can we use it in kitchens, hallways or lounges, to hang some pictures or pots, for example. In rooms such as the bathroom , the result of these precious objects is amazing.
Ladder to decorate the bathroom
If we have a rustic bathroom and we found a old ladder are lucky. We place it as is, just cleaning it a bit, and now we will have a beautiful and original towel.
Ladder in the bathroom
Also, if you want the color of it looks like a bit more of our furniture or paint, so we'll just sand their steps or paint the sides and tone you want. If you can paint it all sanded all whole, but the truth is that we love this contrast between old and new that gives the first option.
Ladder shelf
We can use the structure of a ladder to create a piece of furniture on which to place towels, pots and cosmetics own bathroom. The result will be great, whether we respect its original color as if we add another new and striking.
Stairs to decorate bathrooms
Ideally, the wall anchor to somehow, because the truth is that having an item like a ladder without holding in a bathroom, can be a bit dangerous if you're in the tub to soak.

One last tip. If our walls are clear, we may want to compare them with a varnish or black paint. Although it is true that white stairs are always great, and it is possible to give a touch of color with textiles that we put on them.

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