Bathrooms in full color

Bathrooms in full color - We have seen bathrooms inspired by different shades. Without doubt, use a single color in this room in the house is a very respectable option will also give excellent results. However, if you opt for a decoration more youthful and dynamic, maybe we can go to the extreme and use a variety of colors ? risky? Maybe, but the end result will call a lot of attention from our guests, as well as getting a bath much more youthful and fun.
Color in the bathroom
We can choose to add color through tiles . The walls and floors can dress like red, yellow, blue, green or purple. No matter if we lunar geometric or walls and smooth floors. The fantasy of the bathroom will these colors.
Warm colors in the bathroom
Colorful tiles in the bathroom
We can also choose to search a little less sober furnishings than typical white or black occasional furniture. Normally, in any house find models with many colors.
Pink in the bathroom
Another option that we love is to give color to the bathroom through the textile. This time, rather than seek harmony in colors, using only one key, we can mix towels thousand colors on a white shelf, find a mouse with a good rainbow or purchase a curtain with floral shower.
Bathrooms with color details
Colorful Bathroom
In addition, there are also paintings and pictures that can frame to hang on the walls and give more personality.
Bathroom with lots of color
If you prefer the furniture and the floor in a neutral color, can dare to paint the walls a bright color like fuchsia or pistachio green. These shades will make the people who use the bathroom feel much more harmony to enter it.
Bathroom with lots of color
Fear not, one thing is to combine colors, quite another to use them all. The more striking are the rainbow effect in the bathroom will be much more intense.

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