Learn how to decorate with vintage style

Learn how to decorate with vintage style - If we turn the pages of decorating magazines most prestigious in the world, we realize that the vintage style is timeless. On the contrary, has come hard and threatening to stay, and is certainly more than one dies for a specific item that recalls the decorative style flavored story.
Vintage Decor
The word vintage is used to refer to objects that have quality and they have some age but not enough to classed as an antique. Although it serves to catalog all types of objects, such as tools, books, photographs, clothing or cars, the truth is what interests us are those that are used in home decor .
decorate with vintage style

Vintage Bedroom
Although it is a style that is fashionable, must take into account a number of factors to determine if your decorative object or not really vintage. For starters, are usually products produced in small quantities, so the exclusivity plays a role.
Vintage Bathroom
As we have said must be objects made with quality and good materials. Something attached to your demand, will likely have a high economic value.
Vintage Phone
Furthermore, these objects have a lot of personality, almost alive. They are usually objects that can tell stories and transport us to other times not too distant but forgotten.
Vintage Objects
As for what kind of objects can be within this vintage decor , the variety is endless. We find for example radios, record players , old paintings. We can choose sofas and cushions from the 50 or 60, try your luck with tea sets our grandmothers or display without any qualms a large collection of vinyl .
Vintage Style
The important thing is to know the difference between vintage and retro , because at present, there are many manufacturers who decide to create contemporary pieces based on vintage models. These objects can not be known as vintage objects rather retro. However, considering this, there is nothing wrong with including them in our dining room, bedroom or kitchen, mixing them with our old trunks , crystal lamps, chandeliers or cameras 20 or 30 years ago.

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