Beautiful vase with a belt recycling : DIY

Beautiful vase with a belt recycling : DIY - Decorating can be cheap and fun. If we want a low cost decoration , just have to look a little items you no longer use it. With a little imagination the ideas begin to flow, resulting in works of art. Parts that can be placed in any corner of the house.
Vase with a belt
We have taught you how to make vases with a myriad of objects, for example using a bottle painted from inside. However, the vase that we bring this time will be ideal for environments vintage . A single piece can be placed in the dining room, den or even a bedroom.
Recycling a belt
To make this beautiful vase, we just need a belt old and a glass jar . The glass jar should not be too big, because if its dimensions are too big, we might miss leather cover.

We cut the belt in half. We take one end of the belt, which does not end on the metal part and paste it into the base of the pot. Little by little we will be rolling up to that part of the seal is more or less in the center of the vase. With the other hand started well but the top, thus coincide both in the center and we abrocharlas as if it were a belt in use.
Belt recycling
With a little skill, this part may be in place that we want, for example the top. It's a matter of trial and error without sticking and then be putting small drops of glue to the pieces of leather are locked.

When we finish, we just fill it with water and place a beautiful and colorful fresh flowers. The result is the most charming, and be really good at the vintage corner of your house.

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