Lamps with bic pens : DIY

Lamps with bic pens : DIY - I had not showed you one original lamp as we bring you today. A lamp that can be done with patience and an object used by all sometime in life, bic pens .

As always the options are different, we will show only the material and examples, but really the design work will start from our own head, because we can make almost any structure you want secret? For these pens, as we all know, once heated are quite malleable.
Lamp with pens
Thus, we can choose to do a complex lamp with pens (and their corresponding caps that give color) molding them and getting abstract figures.

Another option is to go through the screen create a floor lamp or table. It will not be very complex. How to see in the picture only need a circle of metal, all polished and embellished, in which we make holes with any drill. The holes will in the bottom of the circle plane, in order to hang a series of anchors (irons simple thin thickness) and hook directly to the pens. We'll get a complete curtain pens.
Lamp with pens

The latest model is really spectacular, it is a genuine chandelier made ​​entirely with bic pens. The mechanism to make it exactly like the previous one, only if we realize, the diameter of each circle will become smaller, until the last. It's an elegant but very original, a chandelier instead of multicolored crystals used these elements as used in our daily life.
Lamp with Bic pens

Obviously this type of craft is not suitable for everyone. Perhaps many think that is an ever pondrĂ­ais in your home. However, nobody can deny that it is the most original we've seen in lighting.

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