DIY : Hemp yarn lamps

DIY : Hemp yarn lamps - Surely more than one will ever see models of lamps spherical hemp. They are very versatile in terms of decoration is concerned, it fit perfectly with almost any decorating style . In addition, they are also easy to make, if we have all the materials and a little patience.
Lamps thread
To make these beautiful spherical lamp , so only need a number of tools such as hemp yarn, glue and a ball of those rigid, but with an opening to empty air.
Hemp lamps
The ball is swollen and our next step, after preparing the surface thoroughly to avoid staining anything and get some gloves, will mark a circle on the part that is open to empty. This tells us always and all times, the place that should be visible. Otherwise, we could not get the ball subsequently.
Spherical lamps
Hemp yarn lamp
Then wind the thread started respecting that circle and completely random, no order. A thread here, a thread there. The ideal is precisely that disorder reigns. In the first phase will not need to use glue. However, when I have several pieces of ball covered by strips, we must carefully apply glue on these amounts, so that little by little, the thread that's Scroll is set correctly and remains attached.

Once we have all the twisted thread, pass to deflate the ball. This allows us to remove the hole we will have previously marked. The end result is a beautiful lampshade made ​​entirely from hemp.
We can try many combinations to make our, or perhaps take a bigger ball than normal to make a huge lamp for the living room. Either way, the result is always great.

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