Fronts slate in the kitchen

Fronts slate in the kitchen - At one time or another we have spoken of the boards in the kitchens . They are really useful elements also help entertain the little ones when we're cooking. We can use them to record the purchase, write notes to others or simply to draw in our spare time.
Slates in the kitchen
Normally these are usually placed on the wall boards, using the typical chalkboard paint. But it is also possible to extend this so original canvas around the kitchen. That is, getting all fronts in our kitchen are slate. Interesting is not it?

There are several ways to do this. We can find models of kitchen with chalkboard fronts. Maybe it costs us find them, but there are homes that sell or have sold with this type of furniture, without going any further Ikea.
Kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint
Another option is to use the same paint on the furniture. To do this we need to sand and sand and then repaint. The result will be a dark surface on which to paint, such as a cup or a plate, depending on what you keep in it. Definitely a really fun option.

Finally, it is also possible to create this type of fronts with adhesive sheets of slate. The work will be a bit more complex and we have to have good hand for the result to be the best, even so, it is probably cheaper than the other options.
Kitchen with slate-fronted
When we finished our slates, if we can use chalk usual. However, if we want the delete or visits any neglect ourselves, it may be better to use the chalk markers. These are fixed, and only get clear, easily albeit with some water and a rag.

As you can see is a fun solution for decorating our kitchen furniture without spending too much money.

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