English style kitchens

English style kitchens - If we look for a stylish kitchen , classic but with all the functionality of today's kitchens, we should undoubtedly think English style for this stay in our home.
English style in the kitchen
The English style is distinguished from others by its warmth, simplicity and commitment made ​​by materials such as wood, and furniture is that this type of cuisine, should be wood. The most used are oak, birch and other solid woods.
English decor for the kitchen
Although this quality material is essential, the truth is that there are dispensed with clear lacquer, and is another essential in this style is a neutral color palette and clear, ideal for added light and warmth to these rooms.
Kitchen with English style
This type of decoration is of ancient England, specifically in the cottages of the nobles. Those houses that mixed on one hand the sophistication of the era, and other rustic elements . A mix of furniture made ​​but with materials provided.
English style kitchen furniture
The colors can be accommodated in this type of cuisine, however, will have to be present in other elements, such as tables, curtains, cushions or chairs. It is also interesting to decorate the room with antiques , such as brass base elements, we believe sense of nostalgia.
English style kitchen
They are also essential glazed cupboards and closets, behind which hide ancient china and porcelain. This classic look is also quite common in the English-style kitchens.
English decor for the kitchen
If we have enough space, we can choose to put an island in the middle of the kitchen. You do not have to cook this island, indeed, the modern bells do not marry too with this style. Let's look at this island as a place of meeting. Therefore, it may be more appropriate a large wooden table, or even steel.

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