Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets

Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets - Redecorating the kitchen can be expensive, which is why we love to offer little tips or tricks for low cost decoration that will make our room look different with little money. This time we will discuss the kitchen furniture . While it is true that change the front to update can be expensive, we can always choose to paint, as already discussed some other time.
Interior painted kitchen cabinets
Paint the inside of cabinets or kitchen cabinets is a really attractive solution, if it is true that normally people do not come to our kitchen and open the cabinets to see inside, it must be remembered that the decoration is for us, who are the ones who spend more time at home. If we start from that base, paint the inside of these kitchen cabinets can be really interesting. Best of all is that we can use leftover paint from another room, with this, the price will drop significantly.
Interior painted kitchen cabinets another color
Ideally, get the inside and outside contrast. To do that will paint one of the two parties to a higher pitch than the other. A solution that usually works very well is to paint the furniture white and inside a strong tone. Although we do the reverse, the result will be more striking if we let dark colors for the inside.
Interior brightly painted dresser

You need to know what materials we face. Not be the same painting wooden furniture pvc one. Sanding and varnishing are steps that we can not ignore if we want our furniture repainted withstand longer.

Finally, do not forget that in addition to the classic painting, we can use other options like wallpaper , with many motives, or even decals . These options may cost a little more money, but save time for execution when placing.

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