A lamp made with a globe

A lamp made with a globe - The decoration based on hobbies is very, very interesting. This means trying to find objects that can imply what our hobbies while decorating a room. Based on this type of decoration, today we bring an element that delight the traveler. To all those who enjoy life knowing countries, different cities and towns. One element that will help us to dream with distant lands.
head lamp
If we think of an object that inspires us all this, we immediately agreed on a globe , the kind that many of us when we were kids and we had to learn us world geography. It's taking precisely this globe and recycle it into a beautiful lamp .
Lamp made with a globe

Although this DIY is simple, we must pay attention to all the steps. First we remove the balloon without damaging the area, which is quite delicate. Each globe works in a certain way, so you'd better set ourselves well in the structure to not end up damaging it.

Once separated from said structure will open it in half. We leave the world in two and stay with the ones you like.
Lamp with a globe

In order to move the fixture to hold our bulb, we have to make a hole in the top, being careful not to end up breaking the rest of the globe.

As the interior also will be seen, it is interesting to use a metallic paint to cover it. Then we will have to apply some twine to cover a little cut made to open the globe.
Homemade lamps
The result is really nice, as we can see. However, although this ceiling lamp is next to the wall, you can try another method that makes the ceiling of our new lamp is much lower, hovering. This way we can better see the map of the world.

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