Empire style furniture

Empire style furniture - The Empire style furniture is the kind of furniture that prevailed during the early years of the nineteenth century in France . We can say it's within the lines of neoclassicism. In addition, this style would be based directly on the previous style, the Directory. In this, the furniture lines changed more straight lines and sharp angles that also considerably far. In addition, the marquetry was replaced by painted wood that is used to cover with wax.
Empire style bed
But then came a new period in which Napoleon stands with the French government. This era is known as the First French Empire, and for this reason the furniture found in these years, are known as the Empire style . It took the classic decor of Louis XVI but adding imperial emblems and precious plated. They used to use pedestals also claw-foot and sleigh beds. This type of furniture would be so important at the time, which gradually pierce the borders and would expand to other places, especially in Imperial Russia. In this case, the Empire style of furniture would be used to celebrate the victory over Napoleon himself.
Empire Style
Empire style furniture
Gradually these units were withdrawing from the grand palaces and manor houses, giving rise to the arrival of other furniture later. However, in Italy survived long enough. This is because the Empire furniture was associated with the Roman Empire.
Empire Style furniture set
Empire bed style furniture
Today we can find antique furniture of this type of different antique times. Its price can be high if good parts. Still, it will not be difficult to find homes with lines inspired by this particular period of the history of furniture.

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