White and black male toilets

White and black male toilets - Mixing white and black in decorating a bathroom , can result in an elegant room, which also will be ideal for male environments , and these colors is unified and embodied in objects minimalist lines , are the best allies when creating a masculine bathroom.
White and black for the bathroom
We can choose grayscale on the walls and the floor, looking also an industrial feel, as the concrete floor vitrified, which gives some really good results in these environments.
Bathroom black and white male
Keep in mind that although white is synonymous with light, black light subtraction to stay. It is therefore imperative to have lit spaces to use this combination of tones. If you can not be naturally, we add artificial light enough points to stay not this dark.
Men's Bathroom

The lines of the furniture should be straight, trying to mix the two primary colors of our decor , black and white. For example, we can choose black furniture right where you place a white pile. The contrast will be most elegant, and thus putting the washing differentiate the storage area.

Something similar can be done with the shower, using for example a shower tile color white and black, or gray, to decorate the walls. A flat screen fixed, will be the best clip this corner.
Men Style
Furthermore, if we choose to bathtubs, we can always try to find some model bicolor. A bathtub we present a white interior and an exterior nuclear black as coal.
Male bathroom black and white

Although these two colors prevail and are the kings of the stay, we can always give a touch of color with textiles. For example, we may include or garnet red towels, which give an air of distinction.

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