Keys to a vintage bedroom

Keys to a vintage bedroom - We love the style vintage style. This type of decorating can be really good at any of our stays. Eye, here we must be clear that it is not retro vintage. While objects retro are components designed and built in more current times evoke times past, the vintage items are those that were created and designed in the 50, 60 and 70. Thus, it is probably more expensive vintage decorate a room stay retro, because as we know, it is old fashioned and costs more. Even so, we can always drop us at some trace or antique shop. Maybe we'll find hard to resist bargains. And obviously, the result is much more authentic.
Vintage Room
But back to the subject of vintage decor , today we speak of the bedrooms in this style. Warm, welcoming and full of little details that pose themselves as pure decoration. Anything goes, depending on our tastes and always come from another era.
Vintage Bedroom
Vintage rustic room
However, there are always a key that we can continue to guide us a little better. For example, the use of wallpaper is imperative. Here we are lucky, because at present there are endless options created by different houses. Obviously on wallpaper it will be much easier to access a retro, wallpaper for taking a wall and put it on another wall would be very complex. However vintage we want to be our bedroom, here we have to give up.
Vintage Style
As for the rest of the decoration, we can use heads old. Normally forged heads with rounded shapes are ideal. Although obviously we can choose an old wooden headboard, which is also a hit.

Bedside tables, the kind that someone has left forgotten in an attic or at a garage sale can help. Always old, the kind you'd see in your grandmother's house. To update can be sanded and painted in a tone that can marry with other furniture. Just do not forget decaparlas later is much better and look more ancient.
Vintage Dresser
Vintage Bedrooms

Another essential piece of furniture, whether it is a bedroom with feminine touches is the toilet. The women in these decades enjoyed her delicate face vanities, getting pretty for the day. Now you too you can find one of those practical elements that ensure a private space for the most coquettish.
Vintage Decor

As you can see the options are many, from old suitcases, musical instruments, footstools, stools, chairs auxiliary or old closets can serve. The important thing is to be authentic to the era, not reinterpretations of those objects.

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