Decoration for small kitchens

Decoration for small kitchens - For those who have small kitchens in our home and we are planning to make changes to make it look a little bigger, there are a few tricks you can use to play around with the visual field.
Tips for decorating small kitchens
To begin with, and even obvious, it is very important that the colors of our walls or tiles are not dark. We will have to choose light colors, without falling into the temptation to paint any walls in dark colors, because the truth is that the result can dwarf even stay.

Thus, the color most suitable for this type of cooking is white. If we do not finish like or we see a little bland, we can always apply some detail, as a border, in colors like orange, yellow or green. All these colors in their lighter variants, get attract more light, and as we know light equals visual space.
Decoration for small kitchens
The lighting , on the other hand is essential. If we have a small but well lit, the space seem much larger. If windows have unfortunately not wide enough, or our kitchen is interior, we can always play with artificial lighting. There is, of course, but the truth is that you can get pretty good results.
Decoration for small kitchens

Regarding furniture. It is much better to opt for kitchen models smooth, without many frills. Also, light colors will remain the best option. Also, countertops, it is better not to opt for those dark models, the more targets are much larger space appear.

If we want our kitchen to be a place in which to eat, but do not have space for a table, we can always opt for a folding table or extensible. There are many manufacturers who make magic with this type of furniture, being seemingly small auxiliary surfaces and extending surprisingly.
White Kitchen
Finally, if we have the opportunity to throw bricks and unite the kitchen to the dining room , it will be a success. If we want to keep separate space visually, we can choose to leave a bar. We will gain an area for meals and handling food, and also the feeling of spaciousness not diminish.

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