Cleaning and maintenance of leather sofas

Cleaning and maintenance of leather sofas - The sofas or leather are really beautiful. Any person who has one of these home furnishings can tell how smart you are and how comfortable they are to the touch. The problem arises when cleaning, because the truth is that they are quite delicate materials they need lots of care and attention.
Cleaning and maintenance of sofas
It is inevitable that these surfaces, like others in our home , complete smearing over time and use, or even completely lose the original gloss. Stains can ruin the whole but luckily have solutions.
Cleaning sofas
A good solution is to dust the surface and then go over it with a cloth, very soft, soaked in beer. You have to wet the surface and leave it on. Then we will make a beaten egg white to soft peaks and gently rubbing the surface will continue to chair. In this way we can get the original shine of the skin.
Cleaning leather sofas
Another solution to make it shine is to soak a cloth with skim milk and gently rub over the surface. We will take a woolen cloth and rub it evenly throughout the couch. We'll get out a very intense brightness that will make our sofa is presented as the first day.
Black leather sofa
There are other traditional remedies, such as cleaning with cotton wool soaked in methylated spirits or rubbing with an orange peel.

If at a dinner or meeting our couch is stained. Automatically we place a paper on top so you can absorb this stain. No rubbing, for that would get only this spread.
Red leather sofa
In addition, there are some recommendations on how to keep more vividly these surfaces. For example, we avoid exposing our chairs to sunlight, also avoid the heat, as it can crack the surface of leather . Finally, do not use a product without testing it never in an unseen area of the chair.

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