Privalia gift list

Privalia gift list - We just started the last month of the year, we are close to Christmas and all at this time we are focusing on the holidays this year . It is a good time to give us something for the home !

Here we offer our "Gift List" (Gift Guide) that we selected from everything we offer in Privalia , the fashion outlet No. 1 Spain, and the good news is that you will enjoy these products with an additional discount 10% if you come from here !

Yes, these products will be sold with 10% discount only to the date indicated in the following list:

1. 20W Led Pendant Bowl . Diameter: 40cm (from 29 November to 4 December)
2. Duvet Set 3 Pieces "Japanese" Bed Of 135 White / Grey (from 1 to 4 December)
3. Taurus - Desktop Furnace Horizon9 800W (from 2 to 8 December)
4. Monix - YUPPIE XL (6195-112) new product (2 to 8 December)
5. Casals - Pressure Washer 2000W (From 2 to 8 December)
6. Grill "Induction" Aluminum . Removable Thermoplastic Red Mango. 27X27 Cm (from 3 to 8 December)
7. Tabletop Rattan 1 Light 60W Square. 45x20x20cm (from 29 November to 4 December)
8. Duvet Set 3 Pieces "Lace" Bed Of 135 White / Grey (from 1 to 4 December)

What are you waiting for? Do not let the opportunity pass, sign in here (or register loggeate if you're already registered) and enjoy 10% discount !

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