Hangers and racks, storage emergency

Hangers and racks, storage emergency - Now that homes are getting smaller , space problems multiply and all storage solutions are welcome.

Hangers and racks, storage emergency

So today, the racks will make us consistent furniture that allow you to not only leave the umbrella and coat in winter days, but the wellies or comfortable slippers or slippers around the house that you expect when you get your entrance from the street.

Hangers and racks, storage emergency

In the trend most current, the racks are not relegated to the receivers or, if anything, to the rear of the doors to hide more personal apparel, evening, or some old-fashioned smoking jacket that do not really know where to place, but give us solutions for any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Forgotten for a long time as an almost exclusive office accessory, the racks and hangers more decorative may be what we need to have an extra space in any corner.

Hangers and racks, storage emergency

Hangers that change according to the needs of design, which can be regulated, spaced more or less put on the wall or fitted into a base for a floor rack is a decorative solutions that allow you to provechar space where and when you do lack.

A simple wall hanger or original design, because today there are for everyone and are permitted in all new trends if they are in harmony with the style of your home , can become an enchanted corner r with a simple cobbler wood under it and a rug to add warmth to the whole.

Hangers and racks, storage emergency

If you do not have too much space, "borriqueta" transport in spray-painted the color of the wall and a beautiful and striking upholstered hangers can be added touch of personality and character to your home.

Hangers and racks, storage emergency

With simplicity, originality, style or mood. If you have little space to sign up rack s and you will not regret!


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Thanks for sharing, Very informative blog .

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I love homes with several decorative hangers. There are many Hanger manufacturers who are in charge of offering cute patterns

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