Canopy beds for everyone

Canopy beds for everyone - It may seem that canopy beds are a type of old-fashioned bed, as we recall the medieval castles of movies, but today canopies are made ​​in plenty of styles and finishes, rustic wrought iron , painted, wooden, Provencal style , colonial , industrial, square or rounded shapes, and there are up canopies for bunk!

If you believe, like me, a canopy bed can be elegant, cozy and original not misled by prejudice and seeks that suits the rest of the decor of your home, you certainly will not regret it.

If you choose the canopy is carved, or has important decorative elements, it is better not to add fabrics or fabrics not detract one hand, and avoid overloading the room on the other.

For romantic settings , you can combine the fabric canopy with curtains, quilts and rugs in the same color ranges, for attaining a balanced, warm, modern and cozy atmosphere that does not result cloying or overdone.

If your room is minimalist, there are some sleek steel that will be the most suitable, although dark woods like wenge carved linear be combined extra.

Inspiration oriental or colonial, with mosquito nets that replace normal tissues or fabrics are visually lighter and allow you to have a canopy but the available space is minimal.

Finally, you should consider the ceiling height to choose the canopy, because if it reaches above the visual sensation is not pleasant, must always be a minimum of 10 or 15 inches (if 25 is better) between the canopy and the roof.

You'll tell us if you dare choose a canopy bed .