Tables tocineras for rustic decor

Tables tocineras for rustic decor - For those who do not know, the table’s tocineras an object have been very, very used in ancient rural kitchens. It was used as an element that could cook, eat, and prepare the sausages in the killing, pickling and other activities. Therefore, tables were strong, noble materials and able to stand the test of time.

Many of these tables should be cleaned thoroughly. For this reason, these pieces tend to have a much smoother surface and older than the part of the legs.

Were of different sizes, although obviously the most major paper was made. However, today, when we look tocineras in antique tables, we usually find side tables and low rise.

We love these tables. Why? Well because it looks ideal for any dining room or rustic kitchen. They have a special charm. We just need to find one that is in good condition and begin to treat it.
If the legs are messed up no problem we can replace iron legs. Although ideally find wooden legs to not break the balance, the fact is that the mix of rustic and industry always work.

If on the other hand is the top which is in poor condition, the first thing you have to do is treat it to try to recover. We can use putty in the gaps that termites may have left, evidently after using a good product to end them. The truth is that although we think that the top is worn, with a little care and suitable products that can give aged appearance plus decorative.

Another option is to try to look for homes that currently manufacture these tables. We find many, because the truth is that they are elements that are great on home decor.

We use them as side tables as dining tables and ideal for items on the terrace after dinner or nice decorative furniture for the hall.

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