Modern minimalist house built in space

Modern minimalist house built in space - The architects of Paul Bernier Architected have built this beautiful retreat in Canada; we are surprised by its construction. Call Bremond House is a two-volume structure intended to be used in the day and night and connected by a corridor spectacular. Be inspired by the pictures of this modern house, minimalist integrated into the surrounding space.

The daily section is U-shaped, covers the living room, dining room, kitchen and a reading area, all in a structure surrounded by windows that go from floor to ceiling, while in the night section, dedicated to the bedrooms and bathrooms, remains the profusion of windows, but allow privacy. In the predominate structure neutral colors and materials ranging from concrete, wood, glass to stone, offering a quite modern look with a distant vibe industry .

The ceilings are very high, with colors inspired by the outside. A decorative level, we observed tendency furniture minimalist neutral and natural tones. In this house, the important thing is the feeling of space and light, so the large windows without curtains seem to merge into one exterior and interior of this house.

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