Leather in the decoration

Leather in the decoration - The leather sofas and armchairs are indisputably linked to the English style. Whether it's a classic English or their more modern styles and refined leather is the star in that style. However, regardless of this, the leather is one of the options that we must consider when choosing pieces so important in the decoration such as armchairs and sofas.

Within the leather chairs are the most classic Chesterfield sofa . Are those who have "buttons" which leave characteristic holes , or rather grooves in the surface.

There are also many other leather pieces as chests , chairs and desks, poof or headboards cam to that can give our rooms a warm, refined, sophisticated and exotic or both. The leather starts to open up a world of possibilities that can meet today with My Little Sweet House.

The leather furniture as well as decorative objects that are made him trays , boxes, baskets, desktop items, among others, can be found in different colors, textures and finishes that easily integrates into any environment: black, brown, earth colors , maroon, green, beige and white, are just some of them.

If you like leather creates environment but do not have large pieces of furniture, you can start with some of those small decorative accessories , such as lamps standing, hanging lamps or table lamps in their feet or their screens incorporate leather. Then, combining leather with other softer textures to make a planned contrast and enjoy its warmth and sophistication.

The leather will be a success in all decorative styles , and in any room. Believe it or not you can find not only furniture but also on walls and even the floor tiles.

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