Fang Shun in the bathroom

Fang Shun in the bathroom

Fang Shun in the bathroom - The bathroom is one of those spaces that we often forget to apply the rules of fang shun. Actually, the idea does not sound so far-fetched. A bathroom decorated following the precepts of this Eastern discipline can create a relaxing, almost like having a home spa to relax and enjoy our privacy. It is easy to achieve this calm and serene atmosphere using these simple tips fang shun in the bathroom.

Fang Shun in the bathroom

- The bathroom can be a place where leaks can accumulate energy and low energy, so creating a relaxing environment with the precepts of fang shun energy extended calm and serene home. The water is a natural relaxant and one of the purifying elements, so you can take advantage of combining it with the correct fang shun elements to create a space of relaxation you need.

Fang Shun in the bathroom

- Fix any water leaks or defective pipe. This affects the flow of chi

- Search for mirrors that will provide a nice picture of you that is clear and well lit this will also bring the presence of the water element.

- Includes several sources of light, including candles.

- The essences and aromas are a very important option. Choose a number that can be used to energize (mint, cinnamon, citrus) and others to soothe (lavender, jasmine, roses, vanilla) as incense or aroma diffusers. A little essential oil smeared on the lights help spread the aroma.

- Keep the room warm and cozy, but well ventilated.

- You can install a sound system to listen to music while taking a bath.

- Place decorations that are pleasing to the eye.

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