Christmas decoration with racks

Christmas decoration with racks - Are you tired of the typical Christmas decorations? Cannot find any evidence to view your walls exactly as you want? Why not do something new? We show you a different way to decorate your walls. A different way in which we can capture all our originality. This is a Christmas decoration with racks.
Christmas decorations with racks

To create our own Christmas racks, pieces need only plain fabrics or with Christmas, small racks (try the fabric is larger than the frame), tape, thread and scissors and various materials to decorate the fabric, as figures of Crochet, felt or other materials.

Christmas decorations with racks

The first thing to do is place the fabric on the racks. Try that is taut, as well avoid wrinkles. Also, if we managed tape around it so that we can place give a little more color.

Ne racks made Christmas Boxes

Christmas Decorating Ideas with racks

If the fabric has already stamped Christmas the better, but if we want to add a decorative element, so we'll just sew. Most experts with needle and thread can dare with some embroidery representing typical of these dates. We can also paste scraps of felt or Christmas dolls made from other materials. It is composing our own Christmas table. Thus we provide them limits.

Compositions season with racks

Once we have our creation, we have to cut the fabric for the back. The one that will stick on the inside, so that when hanging Christmas frame not see the sides.

Christmas decoration with racks

As you can see from the pictures, the result is really interesting. We can make our own compositions on the wall, joining several racks or placing a big one that catches your eye. Also, if we look good, we find that smaller racks are ideal for creating original Christmas ornaments for our Christmas tree.

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