Centerpieces with salt

Centerpieces with salt - No need to spend a lot of money to impress our visitors. With little time, small budget and a little taste, we can make real center table for these events so special that we organized in our home.

Today we teach you how to make a fantastic centerpiece with just a vase of glass, coarse salt and dried tree branches.

It's really easy, because we only have to fill glass vase with salt and then stick the branches. Still, we can see that the effect of the result is the most elegant, perfect for a natural decoration, and even for those minimalist rooms without much furniture.

We must also bear in mind that this can be a base for many different centers. For example, we can add dye or colorant in salt, making instead of being white is for example blue. Furthermore, it can be mixed with other components such as small river stones, shells, or even colored stones.

If we want to give it a more green, we can include a plant in the center, removing branches or not. In this way we will have a very nice pot of salt.

But also, if you fancy a dry flower arrangement, this vessel is ideal for dried flowers to place inside. Yes, perhaps best to include them in a small glass jars and bury them in half so they are a bit immersed in the sea of ​​salt.

Although this craft is made ​​with salt, the fact is that we can choose sugar to it. A much sweeter element that almost have the same effect on our makeshift centerpiece.

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