Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint - If you inherited your fridge or if you have several years and the paint is worn or simply does not match the rest of the decor , you've probably thought about changing it. If your budget is small, you probably will not have the highest amount of money you invest to have a new and perhaps the old fridge works perfectly, although its appearance is regrettable. Do not have to resign to have a refrigerator ugly, as there are several options to completely renew your appearance without having to invest too: you can use decals or upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint.

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

The chalkboard paint is no longer exclusive salons to become one of the preferred materials in the decoration, not only because of the ease of preparation, but because it is capable of providing virtually any surface into an art object and utilitarian. While you can buy ready-made chalkboard paint in stores, you can also make chalkboard paint in the color you want using latex paint and some plaster (which is used to fill the spaces between tiles). The correct ratio is two tablespoons per cup plaster paint, mix well in a container only you need, as it dries very fast.

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

Begin by sanding the surface that you are painting with masking tape and protecting parts not want stain, for example the door handle and the inside of it. Removes fine dust the refrigerator and apply the first coat of paint with a roller. Use a brush for corners and corners. Let dry (it will take at least an hour) and apply the second coat. It will take at least three coats of paint to cover it completely. Let dry until the next day.

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint

Once the paint is completely dry board in the refrigerator, you will "cure" the surface. To do this, take a piece of chalk and rub all over the painted surface, this is so that the drawings you do in the not leave a shadow after erasing. Clears all the chalk you put and it is time to decorate it to your liking! You can delete a damp cloth whenever you want.

Upgrade your fridge with chalkboard paint


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