Tips to visually enlarge a small apartment

Tips to visually enlarge a small apartment - Just moved, have hundreds of ideas to decorate but it hardly accounts with open area and bedroom.  were wearing time looking, for example, properties for rent in Zaragoza , at last gave one as we expect and want the decor just right. The open can be a problem for many people, when in fact it is a great advantage. If the space is small and is demarcated by walls, then you'd have a tiny kitchen, a living suffocating and claustrophobic permanent. Learn how to take advantage of the furniture and decorative accessories to create the feeling of space , small is big!

Tips to visually enlarge a small apartment

- It is possible to clearly demarcate the space of lounge, kitchen and dining room using furniture and accessories. Use your sofa to delineate the living area, the espadar can clearly serve as a boundary between one place and another, without stealing light.

- The carpets are perfect to define spaces. It uses a large living area, placed on her coffee table and surround it with the couch.

- The storage space is crucial multifunctional rooms, which have much activity. Furniture open shelves and drawers are essential to conceal and dispose of everyday items. Take advantage of vertical space with shelves or shelves.

Tips to visually enlarge a small apartment

- The white furniture absorb light without cluttering the space visually. A white bookcase, white walls, a dining table simple and simple lines are ideal.

- Lighting is very important: exploiting natural light or white light bulbs installed as principal. Place a pair of lamps in the living room to give a softer, warmer light if necessary.

- A coffee table with storage and extendable surfaces, for example, you can convert the living room into a place where you can eat, work or simply have fun.

- Use natural colors add warmth to the living and dining area open plan. For this, it uses cushions, tapestries, rugs and maybe some puff chair or serve as the center of attention.

Tips to visually enlarge a small apartment

- Be smart use of the space: multifunction furniture, end tables, extendable dining, anything goes!

- Remember that less is more, do not recharge the space with many decorative objects to prevent the space look crowded.

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