Room paneling

Room paneling - The wood material is really warm. With it we can make fairly simple rooms without any hidden corners attractive our home , ideal to establish a studio or even a bedroom.
We have spoken many times of the parquet , placement, how to choose, what colors to use, etc.. But now we will focus on the cladding wall, because the truth is it's pretty rare to see a fully paneled room, even ceilings, and the truth is not as difficult as you think.
The varieties of wood that can be used are endless. We opt for the birch, the oak (fairly used) by the walnut. Furthermore, we can choose to put natural wood or treated, as most interested us. Although generally treated wood last much longer temperature changes, since we know this material suffers a lot with them.
Some people prefer to place the wood on the walls and floor give way to the tiles, is another option that we like a lot. Even some people prefer to just a wall of wood, walls or even split into two zones (up and down) and cover only one of them.

Wood Coatings

Anyway, the procedure is always the same. We'll have to see if our walls are in perfect condition, if you have no moisture, if they are clean and smooth. If this is so we can get down to work.
However, we must bear in mind that if the wall is very new we can not work directly on it. It will be advisable first screw it all with wooden slats inch 60 cm apart. Then, on those strips, we nail our siding.
To set the tables have to use nails. Thus when we introduce these heads will not see unsightly, be more sneaky.
Finally, if we all walls, you should put a termination by way of molding top and bottom, this way will work much more neat and no cuts will be felt both. When we finish we can see how our room has a much warmer air and a touch rustic .

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