Renew a paint Formica countertops

Renew a paint Formica countertops - The formica is usually a very popular material in most fitted kitchens , offering a variety of colors, strength, price and durability. However, in many old and outdated kitchen can find Formica countertops quite particular color (if not ugly) that seem uncombinable. On the other hand, completely replace formica kitchen is very expensive and few can afford a remodel complete. The solution is simpler than it seems: renews Formica countertops with paint, if you do it correctly you can put her through one of granite and even increase its lifetime.

In find many photographs and detailed explanation of the remodeling process to transform formica (at least in appearance) in a much more modern materials and easy to combine: the granite . To do this, the author of this project only took black paint, silver paint, a natural sponge and high gloss varnish.

Begin cleaning the counter or fine surfaces to be painted. Protects all the cupboards, walls and do not want to paint. Then coated with a primer for closing the pores on the surface and allowing the paint to adhere. Let dry and apply two coats of black paint with a roller.

Once the black paint is completely dry, take the natural sponge (it is important to be of this type, it is what will give the texture), wet it slightly in silver paint and gently press down on the black surface, more or less evenly to create typical granite stains. Let dry.

The final varnish is the most important step . Use a very thick, that leaves a thick, glossy coating on the surface, almost like a crystallized finish. Clean any possible speck of dust from the counter or countertop and spread the brightness according to package directions. Let dry, considering that dust should not fall nor put anything on the surface, it can be a brand. Once dry, the result will be fantastic! If you need detailed instructions and more photos, visit the blog of Remodelaholic .

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