How to achieve warmth in the kitchen

How to achieve warmth in the kitchen - The warmth of a kitchen, it depends only on the number of hearths, or to have a fireplace. The atmosphere of warmth it gives the feeling of being a lived space , used to enjoy, warm, friendly.

To achieve this, there are some decorative resources . First we mention the use of textures, colors and materials such as wallpaper , tiles in bright colors, you do not make it across the kitchen, can be only in one sector.

If your kitchen is already decorated and it is cold, you can try adding a small wooden table,  and if you have more space one island or some furniture that fulfills the function of dividing the space as a small shelf for spices.

It's okay if you're a guy who has a kitchen lab full of metals , appliances, small buttons and straight lines. Adding some  wood , for example, can provide the warmth you need without loosing its air Minimalist none of functionality and style .

The image and functionality can come together without any problems, a touch of heat, a plant, the anti-splash , a nice benches or stools , or a suitable textiles can give the right tone. No matter if it is a vintage lamp , a bell hood  or a pot of the '60s.

A vase with flowers, a fruit basket, one antique piece , a wall full of color or a picture can be the detail that your kitchen needed. You're the one who's going to live, then you're the one who should give you the heat you need.

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