Dressing for any bedroom

Dressing for any bedroom- Having a closet  is a dream for a number of  women  and increasingly men. An exclusive space for clothes for all seasons, the accessories, the shoes , to have a large mirror in which the entire body and be able to dress and undress in comfort.
Locker decoration
Not always required a large room, many meters or excessive investment in a number of cabinets . With some innovative ideas with imaginative solutions and inspiration in the photos that we bring today EstiloyDeco can be much easier than you imagined.

First, you choose the place you occupy Have own space to assign? Will it be a whole room, a part of it, in a cabinet, closed open? Do not forget options very decorative as glass. Separate your closet space with few partitions, walls or glass doors brighten your space visually and will be very decorative.

You can not forget either the style you want is it vintage , minimalist, baroque, romantic, or perhaps you decoration the classic and pure Scandinavian style so fashionable? Adjust to it, or the room in which it is installed, you can find many solutions.
Closets in bedroom decoration
Because did you know that the locker and not only are in the bedroom? You can to install it in the bathroom , in the work, in any room where you have space in the bedroom or in unexpected places like this headboard of bed (yes, better put another season clothing because it does not seem very comfortable) .
Locker decoration
If you live in a loft , if your room is very large and you can create two spaces with your dressing, making the separation taking advantage of a large headboard is always a good idea. If L is narrow or use any of the walls (or both) to hang bars and improvise a dressing area . Add a point of light, a mirror and a rug and you'll never ask ? cabinet or closet?

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