Double rooms with lots of color

Double rooms with lots of color - Although double bedrooms have been one of the main rooms get when the  decor , the latest trends come to them to fill them completely, from the mattress to the inside of the cabinets . Of course, headboards, textiles and walls are not spared from it. Today, from EstiloyDeco suggest you fill the alcoves color to surround our dreams of better and happier environments.

The color in our double rooms can be quick to incorporate with some blankets or blankets at the foot of the bed, a few cushions and a bouquet of flowers to the tone that filled the living room. It can be a headboard upholstered, some pickled and bedside tables repainted or wall  full of color (or colors).

The combinations of stripes and patterns to match that for a time disappeared from the catalogs become very hard to give us endless options. Stripes , flowers, pictures, smooth tissue mimicking naturale fibers so even sack and burlap. Patchwork , pictures that expand and replace those angels of the rooms of our grandmothers could be another very successful.

The floor lamps , which have left the room to get to our dorm beds at its best, the carpets at the foot of bed, undressing small armchairs or wall coverings warmly welcome us even in rooms with minimalist style .

Another way to put light and to highlight the color is, in rooms with dark walls or textiles, put points in cream or white, may be the same that we've seen: some flowers, a blanket at the foot of the bed or a cushions. This will highlight the color of your bed room and create a beautiful environment with very little investment.

The entire color palette, all shades are in your hands, take them to your bedroom  and see what a great result.

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