Chippendale style furniture

Chippendale style furniture - The Chippendale style is one of the most famous styles in terms of classic furniture is concerned. Born from the hand of Thomas Chippendale, a carpenter and cabinetmaker of the eighteenth century began to unify various styles such as Gothic, with some Chinese air and touches Rococo .
His designs became very popular in the late nineteenth century, being known as Chinese Chippendale designs , Chippendale Gothic and even Irish Chippendale .
This man published a book detailing the eighteenth century all his creations. This book is called Chief Gentleman and Cabinet Makers , a book that was gradually considered as the most important guide in style Chippendale refers.
We can use our own designs of this artist and his school in classic environments , because the truth is that his pieces are synonymous with distinction and class. It is very elegant, but quite ornate. Your furniture stand out for having convertible style legs, bent at the top out. It also has upholstered in brocade, luxurious damasks and velvets.
Obviously the original parts of this artist are priced incalculable. However, it is now possible to find some furniture inspired by this trend.
If we like the classic environments, we find in the Chippendale style a great ally. However, if we opt for a more modern, it is also interesting any of this furniture to add a touch of class to the room, and as we know, mix decorative styles is a great success, provided it is done in moderation and harmony .

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