Beds and desks to save space

Beds and desks to save space - In small rooms can have problems when creating a functional stay. For example, a study room. While it is true that there are some interesting options, such as using cupboards as studies improvised, there are many others that are also equally useful.
Bed and desk in one
On the one hand, we typical bed structures placed on top and leave a hole in the bottom to place a desk . Such structures are ideal for youth bedrooms , creating two spaces visually divided and establishing a study area for our children.
Youth bed with desk
Another particularly attractive option is to place the bed on the bottom and enable a study area in the top of the room. Need not be a structure as unwieldy as above. A few simple steps as aerial ladder and a sufficiently stable, will be more than enough to separate our place of work or leisure our bed.
Bed study
If we want this room bedroom look only at night, so we'll just build a floor that can accommodate the desktop study and to save space on the bottom to hide a roll away bed. It will be ideal for those who use the home as a place of work and do not have much space in it.

Any of these options duplex rooms give us extra space and fully functional, essential when we have small houses without many resources in terms of square meters is concerned.

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